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Our Classes


$5 class fee per person, cash only

(bills no larger than $20)

Safety Class 9:00AM - 10:20AM

Advanced 10:30AM - 11:50AM

Beginner 12:00PM - 1:20PM

JOAD 1:30PM-3:00PM

Sign up is 30 minutes before class starts.

Archery Community



“If you are looking to laugh while trying out a new hobby, make your way here! The coaches have a big emphasis on safety but you will definitely find yourself laughing.


The coaches are very knowledgeable and genuinely are trying to share their love of the sport. Also, for $5 a class, how can you complain. There is a $8 fee to get into the park, so be mindful of that.”

Jenny L

“Great place to start out and learn archery. The staff volunteers are pleasant and knowledgeable.


In order to join the beginning class you have to do their safety course on Saturday mornings that start at 9am. There's only 15 spots for the safety course so you need to be there before 8am because the spots fill up quick. Each class will cost you $5.”

Mike B

“Love this place! Very inexpensive to learn archery and the volunteers are SO helpful, kind, and patient. You must first take the safety class before you can start attending the beginning class, then you must shoot 180 twice before you can go to advanced.


The equipment and practice range are very well maintained and everything is very safe.”

N P.

“If you are new to archery and want a really inexpensive way to learn this is the place! it is family friendly so you and the kids can have fun together! but from what i saw the kids were better than the parents ;) so this is a play by play for first timers like me that had no idea what was going on.”

Brook B

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Welcome to
El Dorado Archers!

What Sets Us Apart

El Dorado Archers is your gateway to the exciting world of archery in Long Beach, California. Nestled within the beautiful El Dorado Regional Park, our club offers a vibrant community for archery enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels.

Are you looking to hone your archery skills or explore this timeless sport? Look no further! At El Dorado Archers, we offer a range of opportunities for both beginners and seasoned archers. Our non-profit club hosts weekly gatherings at the El Dorado Archery Range, located in the west-most area of the park.

Join us every Saturday to participate in safety classes, Junior Olympic Archery Development (JOAD) programs, and advanced archery sessions.

But that's not all – our club is committed to fostering a welcoming environment where everyone can enjoy the thrill of archery. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned pro, you'll find a supportive community and plenty of open practice time to perfect your skills alongside fellow enthusiasts.

Discover the joy of archery with El Dorado Archers. Join us at the El Dorado Archery Range and experience the excitement of hitting the bullseye!

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